Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases
Director: Abraham López
Writer(s): Abraham López
Producer(s): Emilio Luján, Gerardo Álvarez, Pablo de la Chica, Manuel Carbajo Martín, Nathalie Martinez
Runtime: 20 minutes
Spain - 2020

Directors: Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos
Writer(s): Mustafa Kaymak
Producer(s): Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos, Mustafa Kaymak
Runtime: 16 minutes 58 seconds
USA - 2020

Director(s): Eduardo Gallardo
Writer(s): Eduardo Gallardo
Producer(s): SAE Institute México
Runtime: 9 minutes 13 seconds
Mexico - 2020

Director(s): Dwayne Cameron
Writer(s): Dwayne Cameron
Producer(s): Dwayne Cameron, Sarah James
Runtime: 14 minutes 54 seconds
New Zealand - 2021

Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis
Director(s): Charalambos Margaritis
Writer(s): Vassilis K. Karamitsanis
Producer(s): PLATFORMA -Urban Culture Co- Animasyros International Animation Festival
Runtime: 17 minutes 25 seconds
GREECE - 2021

The day before tomorrow
Director(s): Andreas Petrakis
Writer(s): Andreas Petrakis
Producer(s): Le G.R.E.C - Joanna Sitkowska-Bayle
Runtime: 19 minutes 33 seconds
France - 2018

Young Love In a Dirty Place
Director(s): Reinis Spaile
Writer(s): Reinis Spaile
Producer(s): Helvijs Finkis
Runtime: 3 minutes 45 seconds
Latvia - 2021

The Last Delivery
Director(s): Alessio Ciancianaini
Writer(s): Alessio Ciancianaini, Irene Fraschetti
Producer(s): Rifugio Produzioni
Runtime: 9 minutes 45 seconds
Italy - 2021

When the Snow Shimmers
Director(s): Thanut Oh Singhasuvich
Writer(s): Thanut Oh Singhasuvich, Theerakarn Suntiwong
Producer(s): Theerakarn Suntiwong, Pasinee Thongchatchaval,
Runtime: 11 minutes 19 seconds
Thailand - 2021

Lifeline: The Brothers Who Hold the Same Breath
Director(s): Abdullah Şahin
Writer(s): Abdullah Şahin
Producer(s): Abdullah Şahin
Runtime: 19 minutes 54 seconds
Turkey - 2021

You are Cold
Director(s): Keshav Shree
Writer(s): Keshav Shree
Producer(s): Keshav Shree, Bar Producciones
Runtime: 7 minutes 30 seconds
United Kingdom - 2021

Down The Road
Director(s): A.W. Stevenson
Writer(s): A.W. Stevenson, Alan Egan
Producer(s): A.W. Stevenson
Runtime: 12 minutes 48 seconds
Ireland - 2021

The Masterpiece
Director(s): Paul Myzia
Writer(s): Paul Myzia
Producer(s): Cristian Fredrick, McKenna Musich, Ben Richardson, Andrew Smith, Arianna Myzia
Runtime: 9 minutes 30 seconds
United States - 2021
Sometime Else
Director(s): James Cleave
Writer(s): James Cleave
Producer(s): Delly Allen, Nino Oz
Runtime: 21 minutes 24 seconds
United Kingdom - 2021
Black Collar
Director(s): Gwenyth Rogers
Writer(s): Gwenyth Rogers
Producer(s): Gwenyth Rogers, Jason D Lupish, Erica Sherwood
Runtime: 11 minutes 7 seconds
Canada - 2021